The development and use of Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)  is a major aerospace growth area.  Military use of UAVs for surveillance, scouting, and patrol is already very widespread. Civilian use of UAVs is also increasing rapidly and includes diverse applications such as geophysical surveys, wildlife conservation and protection, and pipeline monitoring to name a few.

Output map from geological survey

Output map from geological survey

Carleton University is at the forefront of UAV research and development in Canada. With the support of our sponsors, the Carleton University UAV Research Group is developing and manufacturing two major UAV platforms: the GeoSurv II Prototype for high resolution magnetic surveys, and the Eachine Wizard X220s, a high performance racing drone, used in many drone racing events. The design team for these two aircraft is composed of 4th year engineering students participating in their final year design project, as well as participating professors and industry consultants acting as lead engineers.

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In addition to the undergraduate UAV projects, there are numerous opportunities for graduate studies in UAV theory and applications. Past graduate students have researched important technology relating to UAVs including autonomous aircraft operations, obstacle detection, magnetic signature control, and geomagnetic data acquisition.

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