Undergraduate Project

Carleton’s undergraduate Fixed Wing UAV Project is one of several academic final year Design Projects within the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

2010 UAV Team

2010 UAV Team

4th year engineering students, with guidance from Carleton professors and other industry professionals, focus on the development of UAV aircraft, from the initial conceptual design through to the manufacture, testing, and eventual practical use of the the full unmanned aircraft system (UAS). Students in the undergraduate 4th year project gain invaluable knowledge of common aerospace industry design practises, and expand on their theoretical classroom experience with practical experience in aircraft design, manufacture, and testing.

The current focus of the project is the design and manufacture of two different UAV aircraft: the GeoSurv II Prototype, in co-operation with Sander Geophysics with intentions for geomagnetic surveying, and the Corvus Rook Demonstrator, with intentions as a multi-purpose, adaptable UAV platform. In addition, the project maintains a fleet of test bed aircraft for general flight test training and data acquisition.

The students in the project are split in to 4 working groups:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Structures
  • Avionics and Flight Test
  • Project Integration

Each working group is overseen by a lead engineer from Carleton faculty or other industry professionals. While each working group focuses primarily on their particular aspect of the design, co-operation between the groups is essential and the groups work together on many tasks.

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